Welcome to the home page of Menonen Elementary School in Urjala Finland!

Menonen is a typical finish village school. In our school we have 21 pupils and two teachers and one person who makes food and cleans our School.
Menonen is 150 km from Helsinki, 60 km from Tampere, 100 km from Turku
and Menonen is one part of Urjala township and Urjala is one part of Western-Finland county and Tampere Region.

School starts in August and ends in June. Schooldays are 190 in year. School starts
everyday 8.25 like other days, schooldays last from 4-6 lessons. Schoolsubjects are Maths,
Finnish, Biology, Music, English, Religion, History, Art, Woodwork and Needlework and Sports. You can go in school if you are 6 or 7 years old and you can go in High School wen you´re 12 or 13 years old.
Please, read more about the education system of Finland in: http://www.edu.fi/english